“Court Four. 15 Minutes”

United States
New York City
Penn Station

Peter Turnley “Street Photography” Workshop
Through Harold’s Lens.

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  1. You know what strikes me so strongly in this photo? How people are so in his or own world even surrounded by other people. Every single person in this photo is each in a different world then the others around him or or. Amazing. Great image, Harold!!! Love, Amy

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    • Amy, my son and I, in New York City for this photography workshop, talked a lot about that. How everyone everywhere was off in their own little world. And, with everyone continually staring down into their iPhones, they were now in their own little two worlds. I do not own and iPhone and I do not want one. I don’t feel a need to be connected 365/24/7. I love to look, touch, talk, listen and experience. Probably why I love up close, human interest photography. I love the single moments, the quest to distill the essence out of situations.


      • Harold, like minds again. I didn’t even own a cell phone for the reasons you stated. I just bought an android version of a smartphone for the CAMERA. I don’t even talk on our house phone. I Love what you do … BE aware of my surroundings. How sad that people are missing out on so much around them. I keep intending that with my photos and what I say in the comments and the posts themselves, people will get off the machines and start looking around, realizing the magnificent beauty that surrounds us all. As I said in the beginning of this comment …. like minds. I’ve even cut my time down on my iPad (where I am now) because here I am, on a machine, and Life is flowing around me, with me being unawares. (((HUGS))) Amy

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