“Straw Into Gold”

ESTONIA Through Harold’s Lens:

Intimate, old medieval town

Ambled down Tallinn’s
Curved cobblestone alleyways
Lost in medieval thoughts of life.

Turned a rock corner
Built in the 11th century

Refreshment cafe

Stunning blond mother.

Beautiful blond daughter

Straw into gold.

“May I?”
Eyes smiled.

Click, click, click.

Thank you whispered Mr. SLR Nikon.

“Deep Faith”

MEXICO Through Harold’s Lens:

In the small, rural community of Atotonilco, the afternoon’s quiet receding sun casts its faith onto the rich Mexican Baroque mural work of the Chapel of the Holy Burial in the Sanctuary of Jesús Nazareno de Atotonilco.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site just outside the town of San Miguel de Allende.

“Waiting For A Gig”

MEXICO Through Harold’s Lens:

Every night, Mariachi musicians patiently wait in San Miguel de Allende’s Jardin for visitors and residents to ask them to play Mexican folk music full of passion and excitement. Then, the dancing, weaving and singing begins.

Mariachi music is Mexico’s best known form of folk music.


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