“Music Of The Brush”


Through Harold’s Lens:

Strings across strings
Ave Maria
Haunts your heart.

Reeds on lips
Harlem Nocturne
Nurtures your desires.

Sticks on skins
Drum Sex
Transports you to deep dark.

Sable hair strokes colors
Mona Lisa
Invites you to explore beauty.

“Life Destroyed”

Receive the full sensual experience of this Post on Through Harold’s Lens. Play the music as you are enjoying the images and words.

POLAND Through Harold’s Lens:

Inside a chamber of horrors
The little girl shrieked “Mommmmmmmmmmmmy?”
Where are you?

Wave after wave of Luftwaffe bombers
Rains of bombs
Blasts!!! Blasts!!! Blasts!!!
Tons of concrete crashed on tons of concrete
Explosions. Fires.
Historic buildings destroyed.

“Help me! I’m all alone.”
Fear had dug talons deep.

Tanks crushed fresh bodies
Men. Women. Children
Deboning corpses
Bits of bone everywhere.

Thirty degrees
Hair frozen
Covered in blood
Severe pain
Shredded pink dress

The day the world went to war
Hitler. Nazi claw.
Storm troopers. SS. Secret police.
Terror. Tears. Executions
Concentration camps
The planet was never the same.

Cookies. School. Christmas.
Hugs. Love. Friends.
Mommies. Daddies. Little children.
All gone.

September 1, 1939
Germany invades Poland
World War II begins
5 years
5,000,000 Poles dead.

A woman’s memory
could never be a little girl again
Life ripped from her soul
Macabre memories.


“Her Prince”

Receive the full sensual experience of this Post on Through Harold’s Lens. Play the music as you are enjoying the images and words.


RUSSIA Through Harold’s Lens:

Below the frigid, icy Arctic
Six hundred miles
St. Petersburg.

A warm golden summer evening unfolded.

Prancing hooves
Weaved through one thousand acres
Manicured gardens
Flowers in full bloom
Colorful. Gay.

Stallions proudly pulling
Glimmering black Royal Coach
Top hat driver snapped leather reins.

The grand entrance.

The Royal Palace
One thousand feet long
Russian Baroque
Catherine Palace
Empress Catherine II
Catherine the Great.

Handsome Prince
Pink-laced Princess.

Hooves halted
Kissed her soft, snow-white hand
Swan escorted off the Royal Coach.

Moving musical score
Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake Ballet.

Prince lifted his Princess towards the blue sky
The classical Russian ballet evolved
Body patterns revealed deep romance.

Pure of heart
Love is pledged
A White Night.

“Maiden Mild”

Receive the full sensual experience of this Post on Through Harold’s Lens. Play the music as you are enjoying the images and words.

POLAND Through Harold’s Lens:

A chill went up my spine with the spiritual uplifting notes.
My muffled Mephistos stilled.
My eyes teared with more inspiring notes.

A cello of passion was whispering.
Riveting. Intense. A timeless aria.

I turned.
Across a lonely road in Gdansk.
In the shade.
Under the large, leafy oak.

The brazilwood bow brushed slowly across the strings.
Snow-white feather fingers glided slowly along the neck.

Eyes caressed her cheeks.
From her heart. Her soul.
Dreaming. Calm. Peaceful.
Her lithe body swaying with the music.

With tears flowing, Nikon rose to my eye.
Fog through the rivulets.
Push. click. Push click. Push click.

The greatest hymn ever written.
Comfort. Silence.
Her eyes glided open.

I whispered “thank you”, in English.
She whispered “thank you” in Polish.

May you find an expression of love, calm and spiritual dimension listening to the music from my morning.

“One Shade Of Grey”

ARGENTINA Through Harold’s Lens:

You don’t know her.

I do!


Sophie casually waited to dance
Tango music moving her spirit
Swaying to the sounds of the rhythm.

Sophie loves to dance
By herself
With a woman
With a man.

Waiting to be asked.

But not for the reason the other women were waiting.

They wanted a fantasy.

They wanted young
Chiseled face
Piercing eyes

Shirt buttons open to six pack abs
Matted intertwined black curls to the navel
Her braless breast pressed against his chest
His pants skin tight
Firm thigh surging between her hot, quivering legs
An ever hardening muscle slowly slithering its way up against her warm, twitching belly.

Sophie just wanted to feel her inner passion.

The freedom of dancing.

The flowing.

Sophie could dance to the news.

Opera singers feel their inner passion.

The sudden burst forth of Rodolfo’s heartbreaking finale from the opera La Boheme by my Tenor Nephew, Barton Green.

Guitar players feel their inner passion.

A stray guitar flows into the hands of my musically gifted Grandson Jarod Becker as he weaves out his latest composition. “The Story”.

You feel your inner passion.

The keyboard of your desk
Your fingers rhythmically listening
A musical favorite.

The freedom of letting go
The spirt rising
The release.

Doing what you love
Doing what you really feel.

Deep down inside.

Your inner core talking.

Your inner passion.

“‘Round And ‘Round”

Receive the full sensual experience of this Post on Through Harold’s Lens. Play the music as you are enjoying the images and words.

ARGENTINA Through Harold’s Lens:

“Want to play around?”, she coos in your ear.

Only in this wild, funky, music saturated town, where the jest and the joke are commonplace, are you musically and mischiefly entertained by a pair of 33s dangling off a pretty woman’s neck.

What a sassy town!

“The Race Is On”

Receive the full sensual experience of this Post on Through Harold’s Lens. Play the music as you are enjoying the images and words.

ARGENTINA Through Harold’s Lens:

The race is on
Here comes pride up the backstretch
Heartaches a-going to the inside
My tears are holding back
And tryin’ not to fall
My heart’s out of the running
True love’s scratched for another’s sake
The race is on and it looks like heartaches
And the winner loses all.

Thank you for the words and music, legend George Jones.

“Musical Seduction”

ARGENTINA Through Harold’s Lens:

As our intertwined couples passionately engage themselves with the rhythms of the tango our musicians appear; acoustic guitar, deep throaty sax, maybe some violins, piano, a double bass and a bandoneon.


ARGENTINA Through Harold’s Lens:

Patience Beautiful!

A delicious Latin man is near.

Tango is ad lib on the street corners, and you may be the next woman selected.

Life’s a surprise in Buenos Aires.

“Strum & Hum”

MEXICO Through Harold’s Lens:

Stroll through the alleys and narrow lanes of San Miguel de Allende with the legendary Estudiantinas.

These student singers, dressed in 16th century medieval costumes, play their lively, contagious music as they strum their musical instruments, sing and dance.

Visitors follow behind them dancing and drinking wine from a flask.


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