“Her Prince”

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RUSSIA Through Harold’s Lens:

Below the frigid, icy Arctic
Six hundred miles
St. Petersburg.

A warm golden summer evening unfolded.

Prancing hooves
Weaved through one thousand acres
Manicured gardens
Flowers in full bloom
Colorful. Gay.

Stallions proudly pulling
Glimmering black Royal Coach
Top hat driver snapped leather reins.

The grand entrance.

The Royal Palace
One thousand feet long
Russian Baroque
Catherine Palace
Empress Catherine II
Catherine the Great.

Handsome Prince
Pink-laced Princess.

Hooves halted
Kissed her soft, snow-white hand
Swan escorted off the Royal Coach.

Moving musical score
Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake Ballet.

Prince lifted his Princess towards the blue sky
The classical Russian ballet evolved
Body patterns revealed deep romance.

Pure of heart
Love is pledged
A White Night.

Poet Inspired By Spicy Tango Photographs On Through Harold’s Lens

ARGENTINA Through Harolds Lens:

Through Harold’s Lens is emotionally moved to discover that the recent photographic series, Sensuality of the Tango, has provided deep inspiration to a poet from India, Jensy George, to create Lady in Red, a passionate 3-part poem of love, dance and revenge.

Going by the rapier blog handle, The Girl with the Scorpion Tattoo, the Sensuality of the Tango helped give Jensy the vision to unleash a powerful portfolio of words beautifully woven into a deep carpet of emotion, romance and intrigue. The Devil, fangs, red stilettos, seduction… it’s all there.

“An erupting Mt. Vesuvius of the heart and loins. I perspired as I read Lady in Red, said photographer Harold Green. “Her twist at the end was brilliant”.

It was a supreme compliment that the tango images gave Jensy inspiration to write Lady in Red .

“As a photographer, one of of my goals is to try to emotionally engage a viewer with my images”, said Harold. “When that happens, bells sound in my heart. A switch is flipped. An electrical connection is made. A person’s heart, mind or soul has been touched”.

Through Harold’s Lens also thanks everyone whose hearts were stirred, panting with passion, from the multi-photo series, Sensuality of the Tango . Your comments have been overwhelming:

… sensual, sexy. I can stare at it for a lo-o-ong time Amos van der Merwe
… sexy good stuff Adrianne Ryan
… sensuality with the aplomb of arrogance and exoticism Felicity-Ann McInnes
… oozing passion and desire theamberlight
… I can feel the heat dalo2013
… sizzling thehappyhugger
… you made me feel like 20 again Sonel
… faculous, sensual, romantic, sexy and full of life utesmile
… warm, wanton bodies Amos van der Merwe
… who needs coffee? This woke me right up this morning Angeline M
… ooo la la, come on, let’s tango!!!!!! Terry
… young men couldn’t behave themselves Sonel
… wanna learn Tango….. now! Ausaf Abidi
… I am not comfortable learning tango with a stranger Carolyn Page
… the music you make with your lens… welling up and up, the desire that won’t be denied… I’m quite breathless Amos van der Merwe
… oh wow! Vanessa von Mollendorf
… sensually bent and swayed… bodies a fantasia… erotica music played Felicity-Ann McInnes
… oh ya Terry Shepherd
… wooohooo! Sandee Trout
… very sensuous Elke Hildegard Muller
… sensuality or plain sexy…! The Rider
… feel the rhythm, taste the anticipation Amos van der Merwe
… tango was just too intimate to learn with strangers Holistic Wayfarer
… promise of passion Amos van der Merwe
…not just a tango any longer. It’s much, much more Amos van der Merwe
… you make me wish I was 20 years young again Sophia Nel
… exquisite pleasure of touching, feeling, drawing nearer… the desire Amos van der Merwe
… one for my vivid imagination Felicity-Ann McInnes
…the exquisite pleasure of touching, feeling, drawing nearer Amos van der Merwe

“#6 Sensuality Of The Tango ”

ARGENTINA Through Harold’s Lens:

Let go
Be one with your partner
May blazing flames rise slowly
As you dance tightly embraced
With the one you love.

“#1 Sensuality Of The Tango”

ARGENTINA Through Harold’s Lens:

“Oh Harold, stop pushing”, my Nikon D300s camera squealed.

Click. Click. Click.

“Your soft hand is gripping me so hard”, my 70-200mm telephoto lens soothed.

Click. Click. Click.

“Are you taking secret photographs of me”, my LCD screen hollered.

Click. Click. Click.

“I’m really pissed. I get no action” screamed my Nikon D80 camera from inside my gear bag.

Click. Click. Click.

That feels so, so good”, purred my Gitzo GT 2540 tripod as the smooth, oiled legs extended.

Click. Click. Click.

“Tight fit, my man”, growled my 4GB Compact Flash Card.

Click. Click. Click.

“Please release me forever”, my Really Right Stuff Ballhead swooned.

Click. Click. Click.

“Faster. Faster. Faster”, my frames per second howled.

Minds wander deeply
Bury into the soul.

Watching the explosive sensuality of the tango.

“What’s Up?”

ARGENTINA Through Harold’s Lens:


Streets are closed to auto traffic in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of San Telmo.

It’s a bizarre time!

Artisans, musicians, street performers and antique vendors from near and far are here to share their treasures and their talents with the public.

People of all nationalities are wandering, walking, strolling, gawking. It’s a unique and alluring experience.

Over here, there’s something weird happening.

Over there, what is that woman doing?

Where’s the reggae music coming from?

Sundays in San Telmo just go with the flow.


ARGENTINA Through Harold’s Lens:

Sweeping through barrios
Under overhanging trees
Down smoothly paved roads.

A casual stroller is met with variety
Beautiful moving murals
Depicting the colorful culture

Magical South American city

Buenos Aires.

* Abrazo. A Latin American embrace.

“Embrace Her”

ARGENTINA Through Harold’s Lens:

Come on men.

Tango with her.

One step back
One step to the right
A step to the side
Several steps forward.

Move smoothly
In the soft embrace
Curvy swooning woman.

“Favorite Photograph” Selection For Through Harold’s Lens Image “Fantasy Of Passion”

ARGENTINA Through Harold’s Lens:

High noon
Buenos Aires

The warm, golden sun washes the city square.

You stand alone in your sultry, swishy dress with bared midriff watching the intertwined couples dance lustfully to the romantic and sexy music.

A tall, handsome man appears in front of you.

He bows gracefully. In a language you don’t comprehend, he asks you to dance.

Your reflex is hesitant, until you peer into his deep inviting eyes and roll over his tanned face.

Your finger tips touch with electricity as he gracefully escorts you among the other dancers.

Your afternoon is consumed in the arms of your stranger to the rhythm of the earthy music, the swish of your skirt, the twists and intertwining of your legs to the sensuous Tango.

This happens everyday, only in Buenos Aires!

Selected as the “Favorite Photograph” and reposted on http://toemail.wordpress.com.

“The Story?”

ARGENTINA Through Harold’s Lens:

So What Is Your Story Here?

A husband surprised by the appearance of his wife?

The husband covering his inebriated woman’s face?

Maybe a sister who thinks her brother is goofy?

The clue
His right hand.

The fun continues…only in Buenos Aires!

“Stomping Rhythm”

TANZANIA Through Harold’s Lens:

The rhythmatic beating of the drums suddenly pierced the air. From where I did not know. Quickly looking around, multiple sets of feet began to appear from behind a mud walled, grass thatched hut. To the shock of the Maasai, I laid down in their village dirt floor to capture this shot. Against the roasted brown backdrop of the African veld, the unfolding, stomping line of bright colors of the Maasai dancers were quite a sight.


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